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NHSGGC Subscribes to BMJ Quality – Publish your QI work for FREE!

NHSGGC now subscribe to BMJ Quality and all staff can access this key resource.  This is particularly relevant to staff involved in quality improvement (QI) work.

What is BMJ Quality?
It’s an online working tool which guides you through all stages of your QI work (from initial set-up to publication).  Click here to view a 2 minute video highlighting the key features. 

How will BMJ Quality help me?
A key feature of BMJ Quality is access to an online workbook. 
• It is divided into 3 sections (preparation, doing the work and bringing it together) and guides you in a step by step format through each stage.
• Some steps provide links to relevant e-Learning modules and QI tools (e.g. templates for run chart and PDSA cycles). 
• The workbook encourages you to record details of your project as it progresses (e.g. aim, method, results and discussion). 
• At completion, it automatically presents your work in a format ready for publishing.

How will BMJ Quality help NHSGGC?
• Provide a mechanism to record QI work being undertaken across the Board.
• Provide an opportunity to share QI work both nationally and internationally.
• Support staff to develop QI skills to improve patient care. 

Other features of BMJ Quality are:
• Personal or team dashboard to display progress with QI work.
• An educational resource with 12 e-Learning modules; accessed either as you progress through the workbook or as stand-alone modules.
• Access to published work – click here to view an example.
• Straightforward process to submit for publication (£500 publication fee is covered by the NHSGGC subscription).
• Communication tools for use within GGC teams or with the wider QI community.

How do I access it?
1. Full instructions and an access code are detailed on StaffNet here.
2. Click here to access BMJ Quality
3. Select ‘redeem access code’ button

What support is available for QI projects?
BMJ Quality can provide an external mentor to support your QI 



Updated 19/12/16 new Staffnet link

Published 07/06/16