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Medicines Update Acute

Launch of new GGC Medicines App (August 2014)

Information below is specific to the use of medicines in the adult setting.


The GGC Medicines App is now available for Apple mobile devices and will be launched for Android devices by the end of August 2014. Once downloaded much of the content is available without an internet connection.  Access is provided to the following resources:


1. Therapeutics Handbook

This GGC handbook is a well established aid for prescribers in the immediate management of >100 common medical conditions.  The printed version is still available in all clinical areas (a summary of the major changes to this edition can be found here). Users may however find the additional functionality of the App version appealing.

Features of Therapeutic Handbook accessed via GGC Medicines App 

  • Portable
  • Easy to navigate and search
  • Guidelines, reformatted to work well on the small screen (Figure 1) with flowcharts as pdfs that open on request
  • Users can bookmark their most referred to guidelines and annotate/email their own notes


2.Gentamicin/Vancomycin Electronic Calculators

User friendly and fully validated dose calculators for these high risk medicines.  (Also accessible via StaffNet).


3. Formulary (requires internet connection)

Access to full NHSGGC Formulary and regular updates.


4.  Medicines Update Bulletins  (requires internet connection)

Formerly known as Postscript this edition marks the re-launch of these bulletins as Medicines Update.  The bulletins provide information on:

  • Medicines safety messages
  • Recent GGC incidents and associated learning
  • New Guidelines (local & national)
  • Major changes to Formulary/prescribing practices

This bulletin is GGC Medicines Update Acute however there is a range of Medicines Update bulletins available (click here for further information). 


GGC Medicines website

Formerly known as the GGC prescribing website (www.ggcmedicines.org.uk/) provides access to the following:

  • Searchable PDF of Therapeutics Handbook
  • Formulary & Updates
  • Medicines Update Bulletins
  • Medicines Policies (e.g. Unlicensed Medicines Policy)