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ONS for adult patients with dysphagia

The following information is for all clinicians who initiate prescriptions for ONS (oral nutritional supplements) for patients with dysphagia.

In the interests of patient safety, care must be taken with this patient group to avoid aspiration / choking.

Following the implementation of IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative), current patients with dysphagia who are prescribed ONS have been identified and switched to suitable products. 

For any dysphagic patients who require ONS, the following can be prescribed:

  • Fortisip® Extra (presentation 200ml bottle) for Level 1 (Slightly Thick) fluids
  • Fortisip® Yogurt Style (presentation 200ml bottle) for Level 2 (Mildly Thick) fluids

These can be chilled or taken at room temperature. The ONS formulary has been amended HERE.

Patients assessed at IDDSI Levels 3 / 4, who are at risk of malnutrition, should be referred to a dietitian.

PPSU Dietetic Team 10th August 2018


Published 20/08/18