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Prescribing Resources

This page is aimed at providing prescribers in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde with useful other resources that have been developed.  It is not intended to contain guidelines (see Clinical Guidelines).

Vancomycin Prescribing, Administration and Monitoring Chart for Adults

Adult Gentamicin and Vancomycin Calculators

The adult gentamicin and vancomycin calculators are intended for use only within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and are available via the Clinical Info pages on StaffNet or the GGC Medicines app.

Direct Oral Anticoagulants

The following prescribing resource has been produced to assist prescribers in the use of these agents for patients with AF and for VTE.

For information on the NHSGGC DOAC Patient Information Booklet and Alert Card click here

Prescription and Administration Medicines Chart for the Acute Division

  • Approved inpatient prescription charts and the relevant ordering codes are available from this page on StaffNet

Vitamin D Supplementation

The following document contains a list of current licensed colecalciferol preparations.

A PIL on Vitamin D is also available in the Patient Information section of this website

Inhaler Device and Asthma/COPD Resources

This section includes guidance for device choices in asthma and COPD, generic patient information leaflets for staff involved in training patients on how to use their inhaler devices and a Good Practice Guide which aids device identification. 

Guidance on the use of specials in primary care

This document offers prescribers in primary care guidance about when it is appropriate to prescribe a 'special', what the responsibilities are of those involved in the prescribing and dispensing and advice on the types of specials that are approved for routine use within NHSGGC.

IV Immunoglobulins

Information for the prescribing of IV immunoglobulins, including request forms and infusion schedules can be accessed from this designated page on StaffNet (requires connection to the NHSGGC network)

Mindful Prescribing Strategy

The Mindful Prescribing Strategy aims to continuously improve the safety and prescribing of mutiple medicines (polypharmacy). This section also provides tools for clinicians to support the medication review process.

Adding Medicines to EMIS and VISION that are not to be supplied by GP practices

Within General Practice, it is beneficial to ensure that a patient's medicine record includes medicines that may be prescribed and supplied outwith the GP practice, such as the acute sector, community mental health teams etc.  These documents show how to add medicines that do not require supply to the most frequently used GP computer systems.

Gluten-Free Foods and Products

Non-Prescription of Antibiotics

The Royal College of General Practitioners has produced a useful patient information leaflet that can be issued to patients to explain why they have not been issued with a prescription for antibiotics.  The leaflet is available for download in various languages and formats and replaces the non-prescription pads that were obtained from this page previously.

MHRA Drug Safety Update

This webpage and monthly newsletter provide healthcare professionals with up to date safety information and warning for medicines.  You can access the page via the MHRA website HERE

Animal Derived Medicines

Guidance for prescribers and health care professionals in primary care who are approached by patients who wish to avoid animal products within medicines for religious, cultural or ethical reasons or where there is allergy or intolerance.

Vaccination Information for Care Homes

This guidance summarises care inspectorate guidance on how vaccines should be supplied and administered to children and adults in residential care services

New lipid lowering medicines: alirocumab and evolocumab

A brief summary of key prescribing information for GPs (June 2017)

Vitamin B12 Prescribing

Medicinal Cannabis